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Best New Toys For Christmas 2013 For Girls


Here are the best new toys for Christmas 2013 for girls.

Fijit Friends Yippits
The Fijits Friends welcome new members of the family – the Yippits. Fijit Yippits are interactive toy that feature singing and dancing. The Fijit Yippits are expected to be the hottest girls’ toy of the year. The Yippits will also unlock hidden functionality in your Fijit Friends. Yippits can communicate with each other and with others in the Fijit Friends family. Fijit Yippits are going to the girls’ toy to beat. They even feature voice recognition technology. The Yippits capitalize on the fact that girls love dancing and pets. So in other words the Yippits are dancing pet friends.

FurReal Friends Baby Butterscotch
FurReal Friends Baby Butterscotch is the best of the FurReal Friends released for 2012. The level of interactivity is unprecedented and kids will really love this magical show pony. Baby Butterscotch feels so life like and kids will swear she’s so real. The magic of Butterscotch has been brought back but in smaller form this time. Baby Butterscotch even reacts realistically to petting and touching. FurReal Friends has a real winner with Baby Butterscotch.

FurReal Friends Bouncy
FurReal Friends Bouncy is an interactive puppy. Bouncy is the happiest puppy alive. When she see her owner she gets really excited and starts bouncing around and making puppy sounds. Bouncy has sensors so that she reacts realistically to touch. She has sensors on her head and back to make her feel so real. Bouncy is one of the best of the regular interactive pets. FurReal Friends Bouncy should be a strong seller this year.

LEGO Friends
LEGO Friends is a completely new LEGO construction set targeted toward girls. The sets look fantastic and they are full of vibrant colors and designs. The sets revolve around a group of girlfriends and the sets are pretty nice looking with nice details. Much praise go out to Lego for creating an entire new line just for girls.

Monster High Ghouls Rule
The Monster High franchise has been very popular over the years. The latest additions to the Monster High toy line are known as Monster High Ghouls Rule. The Monster High Ghouls Rule Dolls are all ready for Halloween. They are amazingly detailed with plenty of nice artistic design. Even their clothing and costumes look great. Fans of the Monster High franchise will want to collect their favorite Monster High Ghouls Rule dolls. Collect all of your favorite Monster High Ghouls Rule dolls and have a Spook-tacular time playing with them.

Lalaloopsy Littles
The Lalaloopsy Littles are the younger siblings of the Lalaloopsy Dolls. There are many Lalaloopsy Littles to collect. Collect all of your favorite Lalaloopsy Littles. The Lalaloopsy Littles are like rag dolls and they magically came to life when their last stitch was sewn.

Barbie Photo Fashion
The Barbie Photo Fashion doll is perfect for girls who love Barbie and fashion. This is not your mom’s Barbie of yesteryear. This is one of the most technologically advanced Barbie’s to date. With the Barbie Photo Fashion doll girls can capture photos and they can be shown on the LCD screen on the front of Barbie. Girls may also choose from preloaded images and they can even upload pics to their computer via the included USB cable. This is a Barbie for the 21st century girl!

Boo is the world’s cutest dog and he’s so adorably cute that it’s hard to resist. Some people may know Boo from social networks, such as Facebook and YouTube. He has a strong following online and girls seem to love Boo. If you have a Boo fan in your household, this would make a perfect gift for them. Boo is sure to brighten up a girl’s world and bring much enlightenment. Girls also love petting Boo because he has soft fur just like a real pet dog.

Winx Club Toys
Winx Club Toys are based on the magical world of Winx Club. Girls who are fans of the Winx Club show will love to collect all of their favorite Winx Club characters. The fairies are beautifully designed and they have magical wings. Collect all of your favorite Winx Club dolls.

Zoobles Pitter Pets
The Zoobles Pitter Pets represent the next generation of Zoobles. Zoobles you may recall were one of the hottest collectibles for girls last year. The maker of Zoobles looks to continue the success with Zoobles Pitter Pets. There will be a few new Zoobles Pitter Pets. If you haven’t discovered the Zoobles and the new Zoobles Pitter Pets disover what you’ve been missing. Collect all of your favorite Zoobles and the new Zoobles Pitter Pets. Remember Zoobles magically spring to life and there are some playsets available  for your Zoobles.

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