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Best New Toys For 2013 In The RC World


This top countdown features the Top R/C and Play Vehicles and Playsets. Expect only the best toys for 2013 in this category to appear on this list and nothing short of that.

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks
First on our list is the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks, which was honored with the prestigious title of Boys Toy of the Year 2011. Based on our research it appears that Hot Wheels Wall Tracks will again be tops in this particular category. This product will be released in the Fall of 2012. Hot Wheels Wall Tracks will build on the foundation of the original tracks and will be new and improved for even more thrills and stunts than before. For those of you who don’t know Wall Tracks allows kids to enjoy track play on your wall. If you don’t have room in the living room for a track this whole set hangs on the wall. It’s a neat toy for boys and it provides hours of fun, thrills, and entertainment. On one track cars will go up an elevated platform and then they will race on a daredevil track that will blow your child’s mind. The track designs are outrageously cool. The basic tracks start at about $40 or so. Based on our expertise in the toy industry, we expect the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks to retain its crown at the top of the boy’s market. 

NASCAR Bashers
Do you have a kid who loves crashing cars or toys together? Nascar Bashers allows you to do just that. So Nascar Bashers may be the perfect toy for your child. Nascar Bashers are based on the Nascar franchise. The excitement and fun of Nascar has been brought to this toy line. It’s perfectly alright to crash these cars together without any repercussions. Just as long as they don’t hit your furniture and scratch them all up. There are about four different NASCAR Bashers to collect in all and they have crash zones where they can actually split up to create the aftermath of a collision. It’s a really cool feature of the Nascar Basher that takes the play experience to another level.

Cars Micro Drifters
The Cars Micro Drifters line of toy is brand new for 2012. The cars are typically sold in packs of three with three different Micro Drifter toys. You’ll want to get the Cars Micro Drifters Super Speedway set to maximize your play experience with the Cars Micro Drifters. Be sure to collect all of your favorite Cars from the movie. The Micro Drifter cars are nicely detailed. Kids will love reenacting their favorite scenes from the motion picture Cars. These cars feature ball bearing technology to help them move on the track. These cars can race, drift, and swarm. Your kids will surely want to collect the entire collection of Cars Micro Drifters. Because these are small toys they are not recommended for children under 3 years of age. In fact, they are recommended for boys ages 4 through 12. But of course if your girl loves playing with cars then that is perfectly fine.

Air Hogs Battle Tracker
New from SpinMaster is the Air Hogs Battle Tracker. This is a cool R/C based toy that will entertain and kids will have a blast with it. This is an interactive battling toy that offers a ton of fun. There are different components to the Battle Tracker. There is the main turret which can also be controlled with a remote control. When in automatic mode the tracker will actually track down the helicopter and begin firing missiles at the target. So this set can be played solo or with another player. It’s a pretty cool new concept from the folks over at SpinMaster. This is an all new level of radio controlled toys from SpinMaster toys that kids will not want to miss.

R/C Speed-Climbing Spider-Man
The R/C Speed-Climbing Spider-Man is a cool new licensed Spider-Man toy that boys will love. It actually uses a similar technology to what the wall climbing Cars toy had from last year. With the new Spider-Man movie being released, this toy should be a major hit. Controlling Spider-Man is relatively easy with the remote control if you’ve ever used a remote control toy before. But for newbies there may be a bit of a learning curve. The toy does make some sort of mechanical noises as it is moving along the walls. But it really does look like Spider-Man is gripping the walls. So we’d say that it is pretty cool to have a toy that can actually crawl up walls. You can even move backward and spin around in place. Boys will absolutely love the R/C Speed-Climbing Spider-Man.

Ballistics is a brand new toy from Mattel that offers an intriguing combination of transforming cars and target-based gameplay. There will be about twenty four in the assortment. At first the Ballistics toy starts out as a sphere and when you drop it down onto a surface it magically transforms into a vehicle. Each car will be unique and there will even be some creatures as well as regular cars. Ballistics is also about firepower. Using the Lock and Load Launcher you can aim and fire your Ballistics toy a distance away to crash into anything in its path. It’s a pretty new concept that we’re sure will thrill boys who love cars and firepower.

Illumivore is a lighted R/C flying shark. After covering the toy market for many years we don’t recall seeing anything quite like this. There have been similar toys but nothing exactly like this. Illumivore delivers animated chomping and swimming. To put it is perspective it almost looks like a glow in the dark neon sign. It essentially looks like you are controlling a lighted up shark in the dark. Actually you don’t necessarily have to use it in the dark but it is highly recommended. Also, make sure that you know your surroundings before shutting down the lights. You don’t want to accidentally injure yourself or break anything unexpectedly.

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