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Preview Of Some Of The Expected Best Selling Christmas Toys Of 2013

We recently got a sneak peek at some of the toys that are expected to be some of the best selling Christmas toys for 2013. These are the toys that everyone is hoping that Santa is going to bring them. We know it is a little bit early to be thinking about Christmas. We are still in the summer. In the summer you are supposed to be thinking about going camping, barbequing outside, or trying to fit into that swimsuit that is too tight. You know the one that only Barbie could fit into. We decided to take it upon ourselves to find the coolest toys for this holiday season.

If you have never been to a toy event, you have to make it your life long journey to attend one of these events. But don’t worry we have got you covered. We are going to be your eyes and ears. We have found the hottest toys that everyone is going to want to put on their list.

One of the toys that caught everybody’s eye was Gadget Robot. He’s supposed to be your kid’s best friend. This cool toy is from the brilliant minds over at VTech. It is designed for children over the age of 3. He sort of reminds of a toy that is a cross between the Fijit Friends and Alphie. He does all sorts of fun things but we  love his playful laugh the most. Of course, he lights up like a Christmas tree. He is able to spin his body. There are different push in cards that you place inside him and he can teach your child different subjects like math, basic English, and music.

If your kids are anything like my kids, then they love drawing. Sometimes they get carried away. If your children love to draw, check out the iTikes Canvas. It’s a digital canvas that kids can draw on using a stylus. If they are really talented they can even draw with their hand. You can draw, use patterns, and even color different pictures. It is like a coloring book. There are a ton of different pictures that will keep kids entertained for a long time.

One of my favorite toys as a kids were wooden blocks. The Haba Farm is a wooden block set for little girls. I adore the different colors. It includes all of your favorite animals from the farm. I like that it gets younger children interested in the magic of construction and creativity.

If you are looking for a great stocking stuffer, check out the Go Mini line of toys. There are plenty of these to collect and kids are going to love all the cool sounds that these toys make.
Subbuteo is back after 15 years. The game is being improved and it’s a great game for the older generation to bond with the younger generation.

If you didn’t pick up the Leappad last year, there is a new updated model this year. It is supposed to have improved cameras and guts inside. People with the original may even be tempted to upgrade to this new model

If you are looking for a cool interactive toy there is a My Keepon. He is a dancing robot that is able to dance to the beat of any music that you play.

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